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Macontrader’s customers benefits in a huge way. We provide unbridled access to the largest database of verified tradesmen in the Caribbean. This comprises attributes of your potential tradesman such as

  • Profile
  • References
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Actual past customer ratings

The customer can post a review on the tradesmen & locate the nearest tradesman within their area. Our data is meticulously analyzed and accumulated from graduates from programs such as MIC Institute of Technology, HYPE, Costatt, UTT  before being enrolled on to our website.

Subsequent to the above, the customer also achieves the below from the merchant

  • Affiliate Link to all merchants in the Caribbean
  • Superlative Quality on Products and Services
  • Free Coupons & Giveaways from Online Monthly Brochure


Become a Macon tradesman today and enjoy the benefits you deserve. This means you are now listed on the Caribbean only verified listing where the general public can locate you for your services. That’s not all you receive from us a members card that allow you to receive the best possible discounted prices on products and services from our affiliate merchants. It’s all done with you in mind. We aim to prepare all our tradesmen with the equal opportunity to become sole traders

Sole traders own your own business or allow the best job of your life to find you.
Click on image below to see an enlarged version of the card

Click on image above to see an enlarged version of the card


Become a Macon trader affiliate merchant today.

This allows you the opportunity to affiliate with Our focus is developing tradesmen in the Caribbean. We believe this will positively  impact our economy. In addition, your company will be listed on our platform for the general public to locate you for business. Our program for tradesmen  will direct them to you to purchase your products and services. As a bonus, you become part of a grand marketing opportunity where we publish your giveaway or promotion on our monthly published brochure. This brochure is sent to social media, and our very high traffic audience that use our website for many benefits.

Click on image above to see an enlarged version of the card