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Macon Trader’s customers benefits in a huge way. We provide unbridled access to the largest database of verified tradesmen in the Caribbean. This comprises attributes of your potential tradesman such as
°Curriculum Vitae
°Customer Reviews

The customer can post a review on the tradesmen & locate the nearest tradesman within their area. Our data is meticulously analyzed and accumulated from graduates from programs such as MIC Institute of Technology, HYPE, Costatt, UTT  before being enrolled on to our website.

Subsequent to the above, the customer also benefits from
°Affiliate Link to all our verified merchants
°Superlative quality on products and services
°Free Coupons & Giveaways from our online coupon magazine

Macon Trader & Affiliate merchants can come together to make this initiative successful where tomorrow’s tradesmen can be re-introduced with professionalism that affects the service industry with regulated standards. This would benefit the merchant affiliates in a number of ways including:

° Merchant’s branding on Our website is a high traffic site which allows for advertising of your business both locally, regionally & internationally.
° Merchants gain access to the Caribbean’s strongest database as installers for their products.
° There are guaranteed sales from Tradesmen who are registered with Macon Trader and also, persons who visit the website.
° Return on business from advertising in the monthly coupon magazine & Much More!

Merchants also receive a Macon Trader membership card which gives them access to special deals, discounts and much from other affiliated merchants associated with Macon Trader.

Becoming a Macon Trader verified Tradesmen holds many benefices. Become a member and enjoy the benefits you deserve including:

° You will now be listed on the Caribbean’s only verified listing where the general public can locate you for your services.

° You will receive a membership card which allows you to receive the best possible discounted prices on products.

° Services from our affiliate merchants is all done with you in mind where they recommend you as verified installers for their products.

° Access our monthly coupon magazine.
°As a tradesman, you will be advertised via Macon Trader’s advertising methods including Social Media, Digital Billboards, Text/Graphic Billboards, Signs, Banners, Flyers and brochures.
Contact us today to become a verified tradesman with Macon Trader.